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Creating animated Floating Action Button for Xamarin.Forms

Animated Floating Action Button for Xamarin.Forms? It's easy! In this post, I will show how we can use pure Xamarin.Forms for creating Floating Action Button that will animate when page appears. Let's start!

Displaying three button alert in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms DisplayAlert method allows only to set two buttons for platform specific alert. Displaying three buttons is easy with platform specific code.

Windows vs macOS for Xamarin developer

If you are a Xamarin developer (or would like to become on), probably you were wondering, which OS is the best choice. Each option has it's pros and cons and none of them is good for every situation. When making decision which option to chose, the result should be based on team size, available budget and personal preferences. In this post I will describe few available options - I hope it will help you to make the best decision :)

MVVM myths in XAML development

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) is a usual pattern of choice when it comes to XAML development. It is used in WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, UWP and Xamarin.Forms. Every developer has his own opinions about how MVVM should be implemented. During my career, I saw different ways to implement and understand this pattern. In this post I describe myths that I have found most common.

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – why and how?

Cloud is just everywhere nowadays. It is becoming (or already is) an industry standard for creating modern applications. I didn't want to stay behind so I decided to increase my developer knowledge about cloud and Azure. In this post, I describe why one should take AZ-900 exam and how to prepare for it.

What bothers Xamarin developers? Part 3

It's time for a third part of articles series about what bothers Xamarin developers. The goal of this series is to identify things that should be improved. We all love Xamarin and we want to make it better by talking about things that bother us.

What bothers Xamarin developers? Part 2

This week it’s time for a second part of article series about what bother Xamarin developers. We love using Xamarin and we want to make it better. This post series is about identify things that bother us and should be improved.

What bothers Xamarin developers? Part 1

Xamarin is a great technology for creating native mobile apps using C# and .NET. However, like every other technology, it has some drawbacks. I think it's good to talk not only about good things, but also about things that bother us. In this post series, I will be asking Xamarin developers about what bothers them the most with Xamarin development.

[PL] Jak dodać przycisk zamykający stronę modalną w Xamarin.Forms?

Jak trudne może być dodanie przycisku zamykającego widok modalny w Xamarin.Forms? Okazuje się, że może. Problem wydaje się banalny ale rozwiązanie już niekoniecznie - zwłaszcza jeśli chcemy być zgodni z wytycznymi danej platformy.

[PL] Jaką technologię wybrać do stworzenia mobilnej aplikacji cross-platform?

Dlaczego warto oraz jak tworzyć aplikacje mobilne, korzystając z wieloplatformowych technologii takich jak: Cordova, Xamarin i React Native. Temat jest ważny, gdyż wielu programistów zmaga się z dylematem jak tworzyć aplikacje mobilne. A odpowiedź na to pytanie nie jest prosta.